Kona Mountain Farm
Kona Coffee Farm

Our farm is located on the Big Island of Hawaii. Sunny mornings, rainy afternoons, and the rich volcanic soil makes for some very happy and healthy trees. With over 100 acres of coffee trees, we are happy to be able to serve you all of our own coffee.  

Elevation: 1200-2400

Tree Type: Arabica 

Location: Kona, Hawaii


 We hand pick all of the ripe coffee cherry to give you the smoothest and best tasting cup possible. Since all of the cherries do not ripen at the same time, each tree will be picked several times throughout the season to ensure we get only the ripe cherry.

Green Coffee Beans

After the coffee is pulped and washed thoroughly, it is naturally sun-dried on our large deck and raked regularly. 

Roasting coffee
Roasted Coffee

All of our coffee is taken to our Kona Store and carefully roasted in small batches by our Master Roaster. We hand pack all of the bags and ship them from our store to your door!

We are proud to serve you 100% Kona.

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grown, roasted + served from your kmc ohana.