What is Peaberry Coffee?

What is Peaberry Coffee?

Nov 27, 2018Heather Dwyer
 What is Peaberry?

We get asked this question so much! Especially because Peaberry goes for $56.95 per lb! We hope this short read will enlighten you about just how special Peaberry is.



 Starts with the Coffee Cherry!


 All coffee comes from the cherry of the coffee tree. All cherries contain two flat beans. But in Kona coffee, only 3-5% of those beans are Peaberry! 



Peaberry only has one bean! 


Instead of two, Peaberry only contains one, rounded bean. They are then separated from the rest of the crop to ensure consistency and careful roasting. With it's round shape comes a different flavor than the rest of Kona Coffee. 




Rare and more care!


 Because of the limited supply and the extra care that goes into roasting, Peaberry is more expensive than regular Kona. Because of their size they react differently to heat. When roasted properly Peaberry can hold more flavor with less acidity. 



We currently carry Medium and Dark Roast Peaberry. We also love to cover them in our chocolate! 




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Comments (2)

  • My son went on his high school senior trip. (From Flagstaff High School, Flagstaff AZ) They are still on the Island of Oahu, he was looking forward to going to the stadium to go shopping, just for the Kona coffee.

    But we are very unsure what’s going to happen. All due to the Coronavirus, they are closing a lot of shops and the stadium, where he gets about 3-4 bags of coffee.
    He was trying to find out how to make the iced coffee with the heavy cream. If you have any info. I would greatly appreciate it.
    I think he is going to come home very sad and disappointed.
    I was wondering where on the island do they sell Kona coffee.
    Thanks for the great taste.
    Brenda Allison

    Brenda Allison
  • I have been purchasing Kona Mountain coffee for about 10 years. I buy 3 pounds of Peaberry coffee because my wife and I believe there is nothing better. Our family and friends look forward to visits because they know they are getting a coffee more favorable than any they can get anywhere else.

    Nathan Wheeler

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