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Why Mom's Need Coffee

May 07, 2019

Why Mom's Need Coffee


Written by a KMC mom of 2
  • Usually have 20 things that we need to get done by 8am.
  • Packing personalized lunches can end in disaster without it.
  • Without it we can be real crazy, and we don't want anyone to get hurt.
  • It's a way to enjoy your chocolate, caramel or sugar without your kid knowing.
  • We can adjust accordingly to how we're feeling that day. Sweet or Dark. :)
  • We have children that wake us up during all hours of the night. 
  • Because being bossed around by toddlers can only be ok for so long.
  • Without it, words putting into sentences doesn't work.


 Happy Mother's Day to all of the KMC Mom's out there! We appreciate all you do!!

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