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Keeping Kona Coffee Fresh

June 12, 2019 2 Comments

Keeping Kona Coffee Fresh

  Hey There!

It's Heather here to answer your Kona coffee freshness questions. We have guests from all over the world visit us in our Kona Store and share with us the very interesting ways that they store their coffee. We also get a ton of questions about how to keep Kona fresh for a long time. 


 Let's start!

Q:  Can I store my coffee in the freezer?

A: I personally have never stored my coffee in the freezer, but from what I've heard and placed in the freezer changes the condition of the bean and creates moisture in your bag of coffee. Coffee loses it's flavor in the freezer giving it a bland taste.


Q: Why is the the coffee bag filled with "air" when I receive it through shipping?

A: The look of the "air filled" coffee bag is not from air but it is from the CO2 that releases from the beans. This especially happens within the first 2 weeks of coffee being roasted. This is why we have a one way degassing valve on each bag. 


Q: Do you vacuum seal your coffee?

A: We do not vacuum seal our coffee. Our coffee is roasted fresh daily and sold quickly. If we vacuum sealed it, it would just fill up with CO2 from the super freshly roasted beans. We do heat seal the top of the bag.


Q: How long will ground Kona coffee stay fresh?

A:  We never recommend buying pre-ground coffee as it will quickly lose it's fresh flavor. If you do grind all of it at once, keep it in an opaque, air tight container in a cool and dark place. This will last up to 2 weeks. We recommend grinding as needed. 


Q: How long will Whole Bean coffee last?

A: Our packaged Kona Coffee that is in our sealed bag with a one way degassing valve will stay fresh for up to 6 months. This is if you're not opening it. 


 A good way to tell if your coffee is fresh is to always smell your coffee. If it smells fresh and full of flavor, then it is good. If it smells bland, it is going to taste bland. 


Let me know if you have any other questions and I'll be happy to answer them for you!


2 Responses

Scott Orr
Scott Orr

July 31, 2019

I usually buy your coffee in the 5lb bag, cheaper by the cup. I put some in an air tight container and freeze the rest. Refilling the container as needed. Would it be best to buy the smaller bags, as far as flavor? I haven’t noticed much difference, honestly. Thanks!

meghana gaonkar
meghana gaonkar

July 24, 2019

I bought kona mountain coffee in 2013, but only opened it in 2019. Is it still ok to consume it now? Considering it was sealed all the while.

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