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Kona Coffee Grades

July 30, 2019 3 Comments

Kona Coffee Grades

  "What is the difference between these 3 bags?" Is a question we get every single day. Let's keep this short and to the point. :)


 We'll start from left to right.


Our estate kona coffee consists of fancy and prime beans. This bean is more common to the Kona coffee farms here, making up about 70% of our harvest. It has about 16 imperfections per pound(still pretty great)! The flavor is a bit more bold with a smooth finish. This is what we sample here at our Kona store. 


Private Reserve

Our private reserve kona coffee is our favorite here. To us, it is the cream of the crop! It is made up of Extra Fancy grade beans, making up about 20% of our crop(woah, that's pretty rare, right). It is the largest bean with only 10 or less imperfections per pound. This means it's packed with smooth flavor. Choose from medium, dark or our favorite signature roast(a mix of medium and dark). 



  Ahh, peaberry. The normal coffee cherry has two beans, but the peaberry has one rounded bean. This is actually considered a mutated bean(think ninja turtles). It makes up only 3-5% of our entire crop...that is like finding a four leaf clover! It has a higher nutrient content, making the peaberry bean sweeter, more flavorful and less acidic.  


3 Responses

Denise Lind
Denise Lind

April 09, 2020

We were in Maui last February and purchased: Royal Kona, 10% Kona Coffee Blend, all purpose grind in an 8 oz bag. What is the “new” packaged coffee equivalent name?

Robinette Cantrell
Robinette Cantrell

August 02, 2019

I was a member of your coffee club for almost 10 years. Every month I bought 4 # of Kona Mountain peaberry. I month after I joined your club my husband became a quadriplegic. we enjoyed you coffee and the memory of our last great vacation. That was 2009. A few years ago the coffee prices jumped so high ($54.00 @ #) well, on our newly retired income and increased invalid care we had to give it up.
But, what I will always remember is the fabulous ladies that would talk to me in my evening hours while I ordered extra chocolate or any reason for the Ohana that they would embrace me with—I needed it!.
Kona Mountain Coffee is what we should all be. It’s not just the coffee. However—God I miss that good stuff!!

Dennis Harris
Dennis Harris

July 31, 2019

Have been enjoying your Signature Roast and also Peabody ( both whole bean ) for over 10 years.. Always consistent quality..
Have traveled around the globe, sampled coffee from well known coffee producing countries and always return to the U.S. to enjoy the Best of the Best !

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