Coffee cherry on coffee tree

What type of tree does your coffee come from?

May 11, 2021Heather Dwyer

Our Short Answer  :) 

Kona coffee is made of Arabica Coffee Beans. 

 Arabica trees love growing in rich soil which makes our volcanic soil here on the Big Island perfect for them! Volcanic soil is rich in nutrients and holds water very well. Side note….our farm used to grow sugar cane way back in the day, we joke and say that’s why our coffee is so sweet!


 Arabica Trees also love the sun but need shade as well. If you’ve ever been to Kona, you know that pretty much every day we have bright sunny mornings and cloudy afternoons. These trees thrive in high elevations, our farm starts at 1200 and goes up to 2400 ft. Growing at high elevation creates a much richer fruit with more flavor.


Arabica is more expensive than Robusta because it is more difficult to grow and is susceptible to more problems.

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