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Being Thankful

November 06, 2017 2 Comments

Being Thankful

 It’s time to Celebrate my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. Everyday we are reminded of the many tragedies of life, but we also see the kind acts and heroism. Even though there is so much division in our country right now, I am reminded to be thankful for those who still choose to love. I am reminded of a verse in the Bible:

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." 
John 15:13

In the Spirit of Aloha, last year we wanted to give back to our Heroes with a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project that helps over 100,000 injured warriors, caregivers. and family members. For this year, In honor of Veterans Day and Thanksgiving, we would like to offer a donation of $1.00 for every one pound of coffee purchased on our web page to go to the Wounded Warrior Project. And don't forget, when your order $125 you get Free Shipping to any US address.

 Thanks again to you our KMC Ohana for your continue support. We hope that our Kona Coffee can bring a small hint of joy and warmth to you this holiday season. And we wish you, your families and friends, a Thanksgiving full of Love and Joy. 


Warmest Aloha,

Bill Dwyer


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viola king
viola king

December 05, 2017

Its too hard to place an order! I have tried unsuccessfully for the last half-hour.

Lisa Gibson
Lisa Gibson

November 10, 2017

Thank you Kona Mountain Coffee!

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