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Hibiscus Mint Mamaki Tea

Hibiscus Mint Mamaki Tea Cold Brew | Organic
Hibiscus Mint w/ Mamaki features endemic Mamaki Tea from the Hawaiian Islands which is organically grown in the volcanic rich soils of Kilauea. The hibiscus flowers add a beautiful red color to this tea and a nice tang. The mint is a refreshing finish that helps to wash away any worries and deliver you right back to white sandy beaches in Hawaii.

  • Hawaii Grown Mamaki Tea
  • 100% Organic ingredients
  • One of our most popular flavors!
  • Cold Brew Tea is simple to make and healthier for you
  • Hibiscus flowers and Mamaki tea are healthy for blood pressure
  • Biodegradable Packaging; yes, you can compost our packaging as well as the tea bags themselves! Look for the Biotre symbol
  • Caffeinated Cold Brew Tea