Kona Mountain Coffee

Baumkuchen Cake


Baumkuchen is a traditional German cake.

Karl Juchheim brought Baumkuchen to Japan. Today in Japan Baumkuchen is a very popular gift. With the perfect rings, the Baumkuchen symbols the harmony and prosperity of each year to come. Therefore it is also a typical wedding present.

Markus born in Japan soon loved the Japanese style Baumkuchen. In recent years the couple visited many traditional shops in Germany and studied and baked the original recipes. With a German oven, they moved to Hawaii and started Baumkuchen Farm.

Besides many ingredients from local farmers as Macadamia Nuts, Eggs, Milk, Hawaiian Coffee, pineapple, and Hawaiian Chocolate. They grow on the 9 acres of Baumkuchen Farm delicious Vanilla Beans and Cocoa pods.

5oz. Packaged in a beautiful tin.