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 Signature Roast Kona Coffee: The Perfect Blend of Medium and Dark Roasts

Experience the exceptional taste of our Signature Roast, a masterful blend of Medium and Dark Roast Kona Coffee beans. Carefully crafted for our signature drinks at our Kona location, this blend brings out the best of both roasting profiles for a rich and balanced flavor.

Key Features:

  • Extra Fancy Grade Beans: Sourced from the top 20% of our crop, featuring large, high-quality beans.
  • Signature Roast: A unique combination of Medium and Dark Roast beans.
  • Elevation: Grown at elevations of 1200-2400 feet for the finest quality.

Discover the distinctive taste of our Signature Roast Kona Coffee. Perfect for any time of day, this blend offers a harmonious balance of flavors that will elevate your coffee experience.