Kona Coffee Grading System

Kona Coffee Grading SystemKona coffee is graded by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture based on a grading system that takes a number of factors into account, including a coffee bean’s size, shape and number of defects it contains.

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There are six primary grades of Kona coffee beans that you will see mentioned on our website. Here is a list of the grades of Kona beans to provide more explanation and detail for reference when purchasing our coffee beans:

Peaberry Kona Coffee – This is a “pea” shaped bean that is actually an anomaly because it is a result of only one coffee bean developing within a coffee cherry. Typically, two Kona beans grow within the cherry and it is very rare that a peaberry bean is found. These beans are very small in size but result in twice the flavor to create a very robust coffee. These beans are found in our Roasted Peaberry Kona Coffee.

Extra Fancy Kona Coffee – These kona coffee beans are the largest variety of the kona coffee beans, with a fuller flavor. They also have the fewest defects. These beans are fairly rare among the kona coffee beans and account for about 20% of what a crop will produce. Many coffee connoisseurs consider this to be the truest form of kona coffee. These beans are found in our Signature Roast and also in our Private Reserve coffees.

Fancy Kona Coffee – These are large coffee beans that have medium body flavor with a smooth consistency. These beans are also found in our Private Reserve Coffee.

Number 1 Kona Coffee  – Kona Grove – Medium-sized coffee beans with a milder, almost nutty flavor. These beans are found in our Estate Kona Coffee.

Select Kona Coffee – Also a smaller variety of kona beans that allow up to 5% of defects.

Prime Kona Coffee – The smallest of the kona beans that qualifies for “estate” grade coffee. These beans are allowed up to 25% of defects.