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Big Island Handmade Soaps


The Kohala Soap Company ohana lives on a multi-generational family farm in Kapaau.  We are builders by trade but are now waist deep in the wonderful world of green housery, cut-flower gardening, Korean natural farming, fruit tree cultivation, home schooling, whittling, and home soap making. 

We started making soap to fill our own needs and wants of a bar that could be used for multiple purposes but offered simple and clean ingredients.  We loved it, and so did friends….and their friends…… and their friends’ friends!  All that friendly love led to recipe experiments and more frequent batches, and a delicious smelling house. 

Before long, we were spending family fun night wrapping bars in brown paper to share. 

So here we are. 


Our soap making is done together as a family in small batches.   It is made from a few quality ingredients, using as simple a recipe as possible therefore cutting out things that are not good for us and for the earth.  The soap is cold processed, poured into homemade cedar molds, set to saponify (and fill our house with delicious smells), then is measured and hand cut by our official cutter Dan (he is gifted and highly skilled with a tape measure and santoku knife).  We then line them up on our homemade cedar racks to cure, and wait for your order - then we carefully hand wrap them with love and aloha and send them on their way to you!

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