Pure Kona Coffee Taste

Grown only on the Big Island of Hawaii, the unique flavor of pure Kona coffee is recognized by coffee aficionados as one of the world's classic single origin coffees. Smooth and mellow, our pure Kona coffee is delicately balanced with a lively finish, reflective of our farm's high elevation and deep volcanic soils.

Ken Davids, a well-know coffee critic, describes the pure flavor of Kona coffee in a brochure prepared for the Hawaii Coffee Association as follows:

"One of the world's classic coffee origins, produced exclusively from a traditional strain of typical (one of the worlds oldest coffee varieties) selectively hand-picked, and wet-processed, using the traditional ferment-and-wash method. This classic heritage is reflected in the fundamental Kona cup, with its gently lively acidity and high-toned, clean complexity. Nevertheless, the complex micro-climates of the rugged Kona terrain and variations in husbandry and processing among its defiantly idiosyncratic farmers has created a fascinating array of variations on the basic Kona cup, ranging from sweet and simple, through sweet and delicately complex, to exhilaratingly fruity, to (at the highest growing altitudes) grandly austere and acidity.

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