Coffee Roasting

Our exceptionally smooth Kona coffee is available both green (unroasted) and roasted. Our conventional Kona coffee is available in Private Reserve, Estate, and Peaberry grades.

We expertly roast our Kona coffee at our facilities in Hawaii. Each of our Kona coffee offerings is available in either a medium or a dark roast. Because some of the delicate nuances of Kona coffee can be lost in a darker roast, we generally recommend that new customers select the medium roast. Nevertheless, a significant percentage of our customers regularly enjoy our dark roast, so if that's the way you like your Kona coffee we're sure you'll enjoy ours that way too.

We ship Internet orders within the United States via Priority Mail. International orders are shipped through the United States Postal Service. You can learn more about our shipping information by visiting our shipping information page.

Kona Mountain Coffee is available in seven ounce, one pound or five pound bags. Feel free to mix and match package sizes and types, as well as roasts and grades.

Prefer to order by phone? Call toll free, (888)-432-3276