Hawaiian Kona Coffee

Among the world's coffee growing regions, the Kona Coffee Belt on the Big Island of Hawaii has long been recognized as possessing that rare combination of ideal growing conditions.

Among Hawaiian Kona coffee farms, few exhibit these conditions to the degree that the Kona Mountain farm does. Our high elevation Hawaiian Kona coffee farm enjoys deep volcanic soils, cool mornings, warm afternoons and natural shading that result in superior richness you can truly taste in every sip.

We pride ourselves on years of growing the highest quality of pure Kona Coffee.  Learn more about the intricate details we have mastered to ensure the most delicious cup, every time.

  • The Pure Kona Taste - How our coffee is described by well-known coffee critics. 
  • Brew the Perfect Cup - Brewing may seem obvious, but for the perfect Kona cup, we've got some tips.
  • Coffee Roasting - We expertly roast our Kona Coffee in our own facilities in Hawaii.
  • Coffee Grading - Kona coffee is graded by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture, considering a number of factors.
  • Coffee Facts - We bet you didn't know some of these interesting Hawaiian coffee facts!