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Aloha From Kona Coffee Country

by Mary L. on 2/17/2015 3:52:54 PM MST

Are people born with Aloha in Hawaii? I don't think so. This is what Aloha is really about.


Blended Kona Coffee, Kona Blend Coffee, Estate Kona Coffee

by Mark S. on 2/9/2015 2:22:33 PM MST

Find out the difference between Kona Blend, Blended Kona Coffee, and Estate Kona Coffee. You might be surprised. But better to be surprised now than after you've bought the wrong bag of Kona Coffee.


Kona Mountain Founder Honored by U.S. Air Force

by Bill D. on 2/6/2015 4:39:04 PM MST

Kona Mountain Coffee company founder John Fox has been honored by the United States Air Force for his service and awarded the Air Force Academy Distinguished Service Award.


Coffee Aroma And Coffee Bags

by Mark S. on 2/4/2015 11:41:22 AM MST

What's the best way to store coffee... BEFORE you buy it? That is a very important question for buyers of gourmet coffee. Essential for buyers of 100% Kona coffee. Find out the answer in this blog, Coffee Aroma and Coffee Bags/


Where Is Kona Coffee?

by Bill D. on 5/30/2014 3:25:52 PM MST

In Kona, Hawaii, yes, but where exactly? Before I answer that, let me take you for an entirely pleasant journey of the Kona Coffee District circa 1866. That was the year Samuel Clemens ... sorry, I mean Mark Twain... took a voyage from San Francisco to the islands of Hawaii Nei, and sent back dispatches to the newspaper he worked for, the Sacramento, California Union.


Rain and Aloha

by Bill D. on 5/30/2014 3:22:13 PM MST

We had this couple who came in last week. And I asked, how is your trip to Hawaii going. They said, oh, it's okay, you know. So I asked them, what does that mean, okay? And they said, oh, it's been raining most of the time we've been here and it's ... and I said, terrible, huh?... and they said, yeah, pretty terrible. Of course I'd been seeing it raining, and so I understood where they were coming from. So I said I wished it hadn't been that way for them, because Kona is usually beautiful. Sunny, warm. Beautiful. And I asked them if they were thinking they might come back again some day, and they said they had been thinking about that.


Caffeine, Roasts, Arabica, Robusta

by Mark S. on 5/30/2014 3:19:09 PM MST

Caffeine and coffee. There are so many misconceptions. The one I run into the most often is about the roast of a coffee. In the previous bog I talked about taste versus strength, so you know that it is the amount of coffee used to brew it which is the real determining factor for the strength of a cup of coffee, rather than how it's roasted.

Customer Service

Drop Me a Line

by Mary L. on 5/30/2014 3:16:10 PM MST

You know, it's fairly easy to feel all 'aloha' and 'how are you today!' and cheery at the beginning of a fresh work week. But maybe not as easy on Friday. You're tired, and life is... well, how life is. And here in front of you is another person from the mainland who has absolutely no idea what Kona Coffee is, and they're uncomfortable being in a strange place for the first time, and they need a little TLC, a little warm aloha to make their day brighten up. And you're simply... tired.


How Much Coffee

by Mark S. on 5/30/2014 3:12:21 PM MST

Sometimes people come up and say, I want your strongest coffee. Actually, I have to chuckle a little bit. Because there is a very wide misconception about what makes coffee 'strong'. People sometimes request that I make them an especially dark roast to give their coffee a really 'strong' taste. Or they'll say, your dark roast is too strong, or even, your medium roast is too strong. Can't you give me a lighter roast? And then they might ask what roast we're 'really' using, because it tastes so much 'stronger' ... or 'lighter'... than when they make it at home.

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