Awards and Reviews

At the annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, awards are given for the best estate Kona coffee, the best Kona coffee website, and the best Kona coffee label. The competition is open to all of the 600+ Kona farms.

The Kona Coffee Cupping Competition is judged by internationally recognized coffee experts. According to the official Media Advisory for the Competition, the coffee-tasting experts are looking for high marks in fragrance, aroma, nose, taste, aftertaste and body.

Over the years, Kona Mountain Coffee has achieved a record of success in these Cultural Festival competitions unmatched by any other Kona coffee farm. Here is a chronology of our success:


Coffee Reviews

Mademoiselle Magazine


In November of 1997, Mademoiselle Magazine ran a piece entitled How to Brew the Perfect Cup. After reviewing the basics of coffee preparation, Mademoiselle suggested starting with one of its "choice picks," one of which was Kona Mountain Coffee.

Bloomberg Personal Finance


In an article focused on estates coffees from around the world, Bloomberg Personal Finance magazine had this to say about Kona Mountain Coffee: "Only the best of the tiny, fashionable [Kona] crop attains the character ascribed to it. But the aromatic, low-key, sweetly mild coffee from Kona Mountain Estate…grown at over 2,000 feet—one of the higher elevations in Kona-comes close; it's an appealing breakfast cup."

Coffee Review


In November of 1998, Kona Mountain received a "93/100" rating for its coffee, the highest rating of any coffee rated by Coffee Review that year. reviews Kona Mountain Coffee
"An elegant, extraordinary tribute to the pleasures of the sensation coffee people call acidity. Here the acidity is robustly dry yet alive, with a full, fragrant sweetness. Everything dances and rings in this coffee." Score: 93/100.

Coffee Review conducts blind, expert cuppings of coffees and reports its findings in the form of 100-point reviews, much like those that exist in the wine industry, through its website. Since its founding in February of 1997, Coffee Review has quickly become the world's largest and most respected coffee buying guide.


ABC World News


" 'World News' Made in America: Kona Mountain Coffee is one of the few places to get coffee that is made in America. You can tour the farm, try samples and buy coffee at their Kailua-Kona location. "

April 2011