About Kona Mountain Coffee

Kona Mountain Coffee's company mission is to provide each and every customer the ultimate Kona coffee experience, time and time again.

Kona Mountain Coffee Farm

As part of the Kona Mountain experience, we extend a warm invitation to the community of Kona coffee connoisseurs to discover what makes our Hawaiian Kona coffee so special, to meet the team, or even take a virtual or private tour of our Kona Mountain farm.

A great deal of our time is dedicated to growing Kona coffee beans that meet or exceed quality coffee grading standards—worthy of the Kona Mountain Coffee company seal of approval. Learn more about our stringent environmental policy.

More than just a Kona coffee company

Every season, we regularly analyze samples from both the soil and the trees to ensure the proper nutrient levels are being maintained. Our Kona coffee is hand picked at the peak of ripeness and processed the same day in our all-gravity wet mill. By using gravity, we prevent damage to the coffee beans. Once processed, our coffee (in parchment form) is air-dried on our 7000 foot drying deck and then stored in our air-conditioned, de-humidified drying facility pending the final green milling process.

As a result of our attention to detail in growing and processing coffee, our award winning coffee is recognized in the coffee industry as one of the finest.

Finally, as part of our company mission to provide the ultimate Kona coffee experience, we proudly feature Kona coffee online—worldwide.

Be sure to visit our retail locations on your next trip!